What and who is Cool Kids Hair?
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“Inspiration and simple guides to help you cut and style your little one’s hair at home!”

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What is Cool Kids Hair

Cool Kids Hair is a resourceful, stylish hub for parents and carers of young children – with hair. It’s a place to find inspiration, advice, products and simple how-to guides.  Ideas and content created and made lovingly by a mum.

My Mission

Cool Kids Hair is an information hub providing simple guidance for grown-ups that need to, want to, or would like to try their hand at cutting or styling a child’s hair.

My Vibe

Not re-inventing the wheel or trying to put hairdressers out of business, just giving grown-ups some guidance with cutting and styling children’s hair.

My Promise

Delivering real, inspirational guidance and information to my audience of smart, stylish and creative individuals.


My Essence

A lovely little brand and network of mums, dads and carers who I can provide practical and inspiring guides and tips to in a stylish way.

Who is Cool Kids Hair

Gill! Mum of three lovely boys and wife to Pete. I first trained in hairdressing way before children, and also while I was working full-time in my early twenties. I’ve never worked in an actual salon as a hairdresser, only as a ‘Saturday girl’ and that was many moons ago.  At that time it wasn’t my chosen career path, but fast forward 25 years and I’m right back where I started – cutting hair!

I currently cut and colour clients’ hair, (friends mainly) as a mobile hairdresser in my village, and I have a freelance business as a wedding hair and make-up artist, (www.gilleast.com) which I’ve built up over the last 15 years.


Why Cool Kids Hair

Cool Kids Hair has been born out of a few things – firstly, I was in constant demand where I live, (in a village) to cut children’s hair. Once my children grew up a little bit, after school clubs kicked in and they became wiser… there was no way I could keep dragging them along to people’s houses against their will, so then came the idea of telling parents how to do it themselves.

Secondly, I work on brides at the weekend so I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to cutting children’s hair, as much as I wanted to, so I tried to think of different ways because I wasn’t prepared to give up working with kids just yet. That’s when I set up a pop-up kids hair salon in the school holidays – I pre-book them in over a few days and do their hair in one go! I’m also trialling workshops with various themes – the last one being a ‘daddy and daughter’ hair workshop, in my local co-working space Desk Village.

I LOVE the challenge of setting up a business, and all of the things it entails from designing material, drawing how-to guides, filming how-to guides, updating my website, the cutting of hair, the styling, and most of all working with kids – the best people to work with!