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Dads and Daughters Hair Workshop in West Sussex

Saturday 16th march 2019 saw my first ever kids hair workshop in the first of 4 daddy and daughter sessions, held at Desk Village co-working space in the village of Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.

I had a fab time! And so did the dads I hope. It was certainly a first for me, talking to a large group of adults and trying to sound very authoritative. Something I would never have seen myself doing, like EVER. Just goes to show, it’s something I feel comfortable doing, something I’m interested in and have experience and knowledge in. As well as a bit of age and wisdom behind me, (ahem) has no doubt helped.

Every dad I met there was lovely. As far as I could tell they all seemed pretty engaged with what they were doing and oh my goodness, what they achieved and the hairstyles at the end of the two hours were amazing. I was so impressed – considering some of the dads hadn’t even brushed their daughters hair before!

This session covered doing a bun 3 different ways and a ‘pull-through’ braid. Both of which I’ve done a how-to video that you can watch here.

As well as learning something practical, the sessions are a great way to spend some quality time with your daughter, and is something that she’ll remember for a long time.

More sessions

There are 3 more sessions planned in Hurstpierpoint, the next one being on Saturday 13th April 2019 – you’ll learn how do a fishtail plait and a twisted rope braid – don’t panic dads, any basics will be covered like how to do a ponytail and hold the hair/elastic so we’re all on a similar level.

Minimum age is 5, snacks, drinks and entertainment included. A take-away step-by-step guide of what you’ve learnt and a small ‘Thank you’ gift for the girls will also be given out.

To book click here

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