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How-to: Do a Pull-Through Braid

How to do a Pull-through braid – essentially lots of little ponytails! Watch the video and/or refer to the steps below. Good luck!

WORKS BEST ON: Shoulder length or longer hair – the longer the better!

Tip 1

Watch the video AND read the steps below for it to make more sense.

Tip 2

Once all of the ponytails are in, 'loosen' the hair by pulling the hair out a little bit (refer to the video above - you'll see at the end what I mean). It gives an edgier look and hides the hairbands. It also makes it look a bit like a dragon's tail which is pretty cool!

Tip 3

Have approx 10 elastic bands to hand - the best ones to use are those little clear bands.

  1. Take a section of hair at the top of the head – put this bit of hair into a ponytail using a clear elastic band.
  2. Take the ponytail and clip it up and forward out of the way.
  3. Take a horizontal section of hair about 1 inch underneath that first ponytail – slide your forefingers from the face towards the back of the head and gather that hair into the second ponytail so that it sits underneath and inline with the first ponytail.
  4. Take the clip out of the first ponytail and hold it in your hand. Split it into two equal parts and let those parts fall down either side of the second ponytail.
  5. Now take the second ponytail and lift it up (with the hair from the first ponytail hanging either side of it) and clip that ponytail up and forward out of the way.
  6. Take another horizontal section of hair as per Step 3 to make the 3rd ponytail.
  7. Repeat Step 4 taking the clip out of the 2nd ponytail and letting it fall either side of the 3rd ponytail.
  8. Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 until you’ve run out of hair.

I’ve added the diagram I gave out at a Dads and Daughters hair workshop I did. No excuse now – a video, steps AND a diagram. Go for it!

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